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Energy is a complex and topic. Check out these free, open-source tools and resources to help you get smart about energy project planning, transition planning, microgrids, distributed energy resources and more.


The Electrical Contractor's Practical Guide to Microgrid Development

We developed this 87-page guidebook under a research grant funded by ELECTRI International. The guidebook allows readers navigate the project development lifecycle from concept through operations and maintenance, and to dive deeper where needed on complex topics such as business drivers, technologies, and applications. Note: The whitepaper is availabe by visiting ELECTRI.org.

Real Talk: Energy Transition Planning Terms

Get smart about the energy transition! This page covers 104 regulatory, economic, and technical topics related to energy transition planning. A definition is provided for each along as well as pros and cons. A “Real Talk” section places each within the context of energy transition planning.

Real Talk: Energy Transition Planning Flash Cards

Our Real Talk: Energy Transition Planning Terms, offered as a free digital download or printed on a set of high-quality flash cards. Perfect for self-study, group-study, or as a discussion starter.



HybridFAST (Financial Analysis Spreadsheet Tool) is perfect for facilitating conversations around the financial implications of grid-interactive photovoltaic (PV) systems, battery energy storage systems (BESS), and hybrid systems utilizing both.


RE-Mixer (the Renewable Energy Mix tool) is an Excel-based tool for mapping the renewable energy transition at grid scale. The tool allows planners and lay people alike to think more deeply about the implications of the energy transition.


HybridFAST Helps Quantify the Solar + Storage Value Stack

Distributed energy consulting firm ProtoGen has announced the release of HybridFAST 8.0 – the Financial Advisory Spreadsheet Tool for solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, battery energy storage systems (BESS), and hybrid systems.

Bucks County reviews plans for increased renewable energy

Bucks County's government could replace 75% of its electricity use with solar power for an extra $250,000 per year, ProtoGen Energy co-founder Kevin Wright said Wednesday.

Quakertown’s ProtoGen to review Bucks County’s pathway to solar

Bucks County's commissioners will hear Wednesday about how county government can increase its use of solar energy. ProtoGen's Kevin Wright will present his company's findings at the board's 10:30 a.m. Wednesday meeting in Doylestown.