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Renewable Energy Mix Tool

The Renewable Energy Mix Tool

RE-Mixer (the Renewable Energy Mix tool) is an Excel-based tool for mapping the renewable energy transition at grid scale (i.e. in communities, counties and states). The tool was inspired by the recent flurry of Ready for 100 announcements, both locally in Greater Philadelphia and nationally. With momentum building behind a renewable energy transition, RE-Mixer can be used to facilitate discussions around goals and pathways in a manner that’s highly accessible for non-technical audiences, such as
  • municipal and county leadership (managers, council members, commissioners, etc.)
  • energy action committees
  • renewable energy advocates
  • economic development professionals
RE-Mixer is made available for free under a Creative Commons license. There are no macros, and all calculations can easily be reverse-engineered, inspected, and modified. With a minimal investment of time and practice, it can be easily utilized by anyone wishing to understand and explore the implications of a changing energy mix.

Background & Intent

Our experience working on community-level energy planning has demonstrated the need to level-set on markets and technologies. For example, solar and wind accounted for just 0.24% and 1.68% of PA’s electricity generation in 2018 (3.96% and 6.58% in the US overall). This tool is intended to help communities understand the scope and scale of the challenge.

Why Communities?

Communities are the right scale for these conversations. The plain fact is that a community powered by 100% RE may likely look very different than it does today. Our hope is that this tool empowers communities to work collaboratively to develop and implement RE policies that drive both RE adoption and economic growth.

Our Commitment

ProtoGen is committed to maximizing transparency, inclusion, and access. To that end, we encourage and welcome feedback of any type, which will drive periodic enhancements and debugging.
Contact us to learn how we can provide more in-depth support such as a guided tour of the tool.


RE-Mixer is a good-faith attempt to provide an Excel-based model for parties interested in evaluating and understanding the transition to renewable energy sources. RE-Mixer does not purport to serve as a replacement for due diligence; its methodology, calculations, and outputs should not be construed to provide investment-grade information for any transaction, investment, liability, or other matter. ProtoGen shall not be responsible for any conclusions, direct or implied, arising from its use; further, ProtoGen and its respective officers, directors, employees, agents, advisers, and representatives make no representations or warranties, expressed or implied, concerning RE-Mixer, and make no claim as to the accuracy or appropriateness of the methodology or calculations in relation to any current or future development of policies or projects.

By downloading or using RE-Mixer, you indicate your acceptance of this disclaimer. If you do not accept the disclaimer, but would like further information, please contact ProtoGen directly.

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