ProtoGen is your trusted partner

Leadership, sound strategy and technical expertise to help you navigate the Energy Transition with confidence

Microgrid Development

Conceptual development, techno-economic modeling, feasibility analysis, design, project management

Our aging electrical infrastructure is increasingly vulnerable to natural disaster, cyberattack and other threats. Microgrids assure the availability of electricity during grid outages but can also lower OPEX, generate revenue, support EV infrastructure, reduce carbon, advance equity, and much more.

ProtoGen can help you develop the system you need to satisfy your goals and objectives. With decades of combined experience in microgrids and distributed energy, we can help you from  project concept through commissioning – and all along the project lifecycle.

Education & Workforce Development

Vision planning, curriculum development, LMS & content development, program management, train-the-trainer

As energy systems change, so do the skills needed to build and work on them. Developing that hands-on know-how is mission critical but requires significant investments in training, facilities, equipment and more. You need a partner who can make the most of your budget.

ProtoGen works with industry and academia to develop training and workforce development programs that advance organizational goals and grow the energy economy. Our approach balances deep, real-world experience in construction and research with a clear and practical focus on actualizing your project.

Technology Development & Commercialization

Product research, financial modeling and analysis, pipeline and market development, grant writing

Succeeding in the clean tech space is hard, no matter how good the idea or product. The market is rapidly changing and there are pitfalls at every turn, from R&D and prototyping through piloting, commercializing, and maturation.

ProtoGen is helping innovators, investors, manufacturers, and R&D firms commercialize their energy technology. Our experience includes power electronics, building-integrated PV, cloud forecasting, wind turbines and more. Tell us about your tech, and let’s implement a strategy to advance it.