Our Mission

To advance the energy transition by creating alignment among energy stakeholders.

Our Values


We strive to be transparent with customers and stakeholders because transparency builds trust, enables better decisions, and ultimately makes the word a better place.


We empower communities to enhance equitability, sustainability, and resilience by improving their understanding and capacity around the Energy Transition.

Doing the right thing

The Energy Transition represents a historic opportunity. We do the right thing when we listen carefully, plan thoughtfully, work dilligently, and look for ways to add value.

Our People

Kevin Wright

Co-founder and President

Kevin Wright is an energy business leader with 26 years of experience. He has a passion for renewable energy, market transformation, and implementation of innovated energy technologies. He has expertise in evaluation, design and implementation of resilient, sustainable business solutions and  management practices. Kevin is able to unify complex technology, economic and regulatory outcomes. As a founding partner of ProtoGen, Inc, he is charged with leading the team vision and strategy. In this role he has developed a notable list of clients and has assembled a highly productive team of experts. Kevin is consistently engaged with industry stakeholder, thought leadership, education, and recruitment efforts.

Andy Mackey

Co-founder and EVP

Andrew Mackey has more than twenty years of experience in the construction industry, holding a master’s degree in architectural engineering. He is a Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP), FAA-licensed drone pilot, Master Instructor for the DOE’s Solar Ready Vets program, and lead curriculum developer and train-the-trainer instructor for the Energy Storage and Microgrid Training and Certification (ESAMTAC) program. Andy has advanced experience in project development modeling, merging cross-disciplinary skillsets and software packages to create advanced feasibility and performance models of projects. He is responsible for all aspects of business operations and leads all technical and financial activities.

Lou Tenney

Co-founder and VP

Hayward “Lou” Tenney is an energy executive with 20 years of progressive experience in marketing, business analysis, and planning roles. He holds a B.A. in English and German and a minor in Women’s Studies. Lou is an extremely effective written and verbal communicator, an intensely curious researcher, and a highly capable techno-economic modeler and LMS and web developer. He leads the development of deliverables, marketing, and sales strategies, and is responsible for all aspects of corporate communications, brand identity and presence, and the evaluation of new services, partnerships and market opportunities.

Alana Steele

General Counsel and VP of Development
Alana Steele has 30+ years in the energy industry and 20+ years as an energy attorney. Alana has extensive experience formulating business and legal strategy, negotiating energy related contracts, and overcoming federal and state energy legislative and regulatory challenges. She has represented electric generators, gas producers, power marketers and electric utilities in numerous proceedings before FERC and state utility commissions. Alana is also experienced at managing the development of large wind and solar energy generation projects from building the project development teams and site acquisition to financing, construction, and commercial operation of projects.

Aaron Trebing

Design Specialist

Aaron holds a B.S. in Physics and Mathematics and an M.S. in Data Science (expected April 2023). He is experienced in both R&D and production environments, designing models with real-time data for statistical modeling and helping to sculpt business decisions based on connecting data. Aaron is an expert at discovering patterns through exploratory data analysis. In his capacity as Design Specialist, Aaron designs microgrid arrays and PV systems for commercial businesses, and assists in techno-economic modeling of distributed energy resources and technologies.