RE-Mixer Whitepaper

Hybrid System Financial Advisory Spreadsheet Tool

We used the RE-Mixer tool to model a transition to 100% Renewable Energy for the Greater Philadelphia area by 2050.

  • The analysis found that building the total necessary renewable energy and battery capacity would cost approximately $37 billion (2019$)
  • The calculated requirement of 34,879 MW of grid-scale PV translates to an area of 284 miles²—12.89% of the total five-county area, or 17 x 17 miles.
  • This is about 13% of the estimated $290 billion that the region would otherwise spend over the same period (including all sources of Residential, Commercial & Industrial, and Mobile-Highway energy use).

Download the whitepaper to learn more: “RE-Mixing Our Energy Future: What Does It Really Mean to Go 100% Renewable?”.