Microgrid Development

Your trusted microgrid development partner.

ProtoGen develops microgrids and other distributed energy projects for critical facilities, C&I, utilities, tribes, and both federal and non-federal government organizations. Our team combines industry best practices, state-of-the-art tools, and decades of real-world, hands-on experience to craft truly custom solutions that are aligned with your values and business case. Our approach is thoughtful, consultative, and technology-neutral – putting your organization’s goals and objectives front and center.

ProtoGen can advance your energy project with laser-focused services or develop a comprehensive energy solution. Our capabilities span the entire project lifecycle:

  • Client/stakeholder engagement and education
  • Feasibility analysis (conceptual design, simulation, technoeconomic modeling, basis of design)
  • Utility coordination and interconnection
  • RFP development and process
  • Project implementation and construction management
  • Project commissioning, inspection, O&M, and troubleshooting

Why Microgrids?

We are living through a major shift in how society makes, moves, and uses energy. Extreme weather events – from heatwaves, drought, and wildfire to storms and flooding – are growing in frequency and severity as a direct result of climate change. These events pose a direct threat to electrical infrastructure resulting in grid shutoffs both planned and unplanned. Meanwhile, the race is on to deploy renewable energy, decarbonize industry, electrify transportation and buildings, and prepare for the increasing threat of physical and cyberattack – mandates that today’s grid is ill-prepared to accommodate.

Microgrids offer a solution for each of these challenges, providing the ability to weather grid failures or support the grid, to integrate more local renewable energy (and make it available during outages), to create enhanced options to integrate electric vehicle charging infrastructure and meet site thermal demands, and to turn site electrical systems into a revenue-generating resilience machine.