Creating Opportunities for Veterans in the Solar Sector

ProtoGen EVP Andy Macky was deeply honored to play a vital role in supporting the Solar Ready Vets initiative, a program spearheaded by the Department of Energy’s SunShot Initiative. The goal of this program was to help our nation’s transitioning veterans work in the rapidly expanding solar energy industry. As active duty service members prepared to embark on their civilian journeys, the Solar Ready Vets program equipped them with the necessary knowledge and skills to thrive in the solar sector.

The Solar Ready Vets program was thoughtfully designed to provide an intensive, immersive experience for veterans, offering a comprehensive five- to six-week course that covered all essential aspects of the solar industry. Recognizing the immense potential of solar energy and its significant role in shaping the future of sustainable power, the program aimed to empower veterans with the expertise needed to be valuable contributors to this evolving field.

ProtoGen’s Role as Educators

Curriculum development

ProtoGen worked with other curriculum developers to develop a cutting-edge and engaging curriculum that encompassed a wide array of solar-related topics. The curriculum was carefully curated to strike a balance between theoretical knowledge and practical application, ensuring that veterans gained a holistic understanding of the solar energy sector.

Instructor training

Beyond curriculum development, ProtoGen also played a crucial role as a “train-the-trainer” educator. This entailed imparting knowledge and training to the program’s instructors, equipping them with the teaching methodologies and content expertise necessary to be impactful and effective. ProtoGen’s commitment to excellence in education and training shone through as it fostered a supportive and enriching environment for both instructors and participants.

Empowering National Heroes and the Solar Industry

By empowering Vets with the skills and knowledge to pursue meaningful careers in the solar energy industry, the program sought to honor their service and dedication while also addressing the demand for skilled professionals in the renewable energy sector.

The impact of ProtoGen’s contributions to Solar Ready Vets extended far beyond the confines of the classroom. As veterans completed the program and entered the solar industry, they brought with them a wealth of talent, dedication, and unique perspectives. They quickly became assets to solar companies and organizations, propelling the industry forward with their skills and passion.

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