Industrial Microgrid Development

Project Info


McAdoo Allen, Inc. – Quakertown, PA


2019 - 2022


Concept development; utility coordination; business & legal review; RFP documents & process; project management

Project Overview

  • Complex retrofit of existing chemical manufacturing facility
  • Multiple project goals:
    • upgrade site electrical/mechanical systems
    • green-up products and energy supply
    • improve poor power quality
    • make plant resilient & ready to integrate with other microgrids
  • 1MW gas-fired reciprocating engine w/ heat recovery steam generator
  • 720kW rooftop PV (site maximum)
  • New site electrical service

Project Description

Hired to develop a CHP/PV hybrid energy microgrid project as owner’s representative. Responsible for project management including creation and maintenance of detailed project schedule. Developed preliminary basis of design documentation including updated as-built floor plans, roof plans and elevations, and MEP design. Developed proforma analysis of a 400kW-1MWDC CHP plant and 1MWDC rooftop PV system, including concept sketches and renderings. Developed and administered RFP process for level 2 feasibility and technical specification for hybrid PV and CHP with possible energy storage implementation and provided recommendation to project owner. Developed interconnection requirements and initiated permitting. Built financial prospectus showing balance sheet and P&L perspectives as well as key sensitivities around the price of natural gas and delivered electricity. Developed and administered Phase II RFP process for EPC of a hybrid CHP/PV plant with distribution system upgrade and provided recommendation to project owner. Performed regulatory analysis and engaged energy attorneys to validate same. Project completion is expected 4Q22.

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