A groundbreaking advancement in real-time solar forecasting.

Forecast Energy brought solar forecasting technology to a level never seen before. Recognizing the immense potential of their innovation, the company sought the expertise of ProtoGen to propel their offering to new heights, enhance their hardware installation processes, and explore market opportunities in Puerto Rico.

ProtoGen’s involvement in this transformative project began with a thorough product assessment, dissecting the various aspects of Forecast Energy’s technology. Through this assessment, ProtoGen aimed to identify areas of strength and potential areas for improvement, ultimately paving the way for a refined and optimized product.

A Valuable Partnership

Refining and integrating technology innovations

Collaborating with Forecast Energy’s team, ProtoGen employed our wealth of knowledge and experience to enhance the technology’s efficiency and performance. By meticulously analyzing the technology’s capabilities and functionalities, we elevated Forecast Energy’s predictive accuracy and responsiveness, enabling them to offer a more reliable and valuable solution to their clients.

An essential aspect of ProtoGen’s involvement was the seamless integration of the newly refined technology into existing design frameworks. ProtoGen worked closely with Forecast Energy to ensure a harmonious fusion of the underlying technology with the broader energy forecasting system. This integration allowed Forecast Energy to leverage the full potential of the technology and deliver a comprehensive and user-friendly experience to their customers.

Creating Opportunities

Market analysis and facilitating new partnerships

By conducting a thorough assessment of the energy landscape in Puerto Rico, ProtoGen identified potential market opportunities for Forecast Energy’s technology. This market analysis included an evaluation of local energy demand patterns, regulatory considerations, competitive landscape, and potential partnerships, enabling Forecast Energy to make informed strategic decisions.

Moreover, ProtoGen played a pivotal role in originating and initiating projects in Puerto Rico that would showcase the utility and efficacy of Forecast Energy’s technology. By identifying and collaborating with local partners and stakeholders, ProtoGen helped lay the foundation for potential project implementations.

Above and Beyond

Ensuring Forecast Energy’s success

Another notable aspect of ProtoGen’s collaboration was the value-added resale initiative. ProtoGen explored avenues through which Forecast Energy could enhance their revenue streams by offering complementary products or services alongside their core offering. This strategic approach allowed Forecast Energy to tap into new revenue streams and strengthen their competitive position in the market.

Additionally, ProtoGen took the lead in establishing a robust Quality Control (QC) program for Forecast Energy’s hardware installation processes. This investment-grade QC program ensured that each installation adhered to the highest standards of quality and reliability, minimizing the risk of operational issues and maximizing customer satisfaction.

Your Partner in Launching New Technology

With our abundance of resources and experience, ProtoGen can help you refine your innovations and create a business plan for monetizing your technology.

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