The Energy Storage and Microgrid Training and Certification (ESAMTAC)

A national safety training program

Led by Penn State University (PSU) and crafted through the collective efforts of various industry stakeholders, ESAMTAC addresses the critical need for workers to possess a comprehensive understanding of electrical construction, safety codes, and standards. Trainees are taught to handle, assemble, and interconnect microgrid system components with utmost safety and productivity. Notably, the course places special emphasis on the construction of large stationary battery systems, a crucial component of modern energy storage and microgrid technologies.

ProtoGen as program administrator

Developing a thorough and up-to-date curriculum

ProtoGen has played an instrumental part in ensuring the course aligns precisely with industry requirements and best practices. To achieve this, we employed a meticulous DACUM process, involving job task analyses and gathering valuable input and feedback from industry stakeholders.

ProtoGen also provided subject matter expertise and project management throughout the curriculum development process. Additionally, we took on the task of designing and manufacturing the training equipment. This ensured the learning experience was practical and hands-on, preparing workers to face real-world challenges confidently. We also provide train-the-trainer services and fulfillment of the required lab equipment, actively empowering trainers across the nation to deliver the ESAMTAC curriculum to a diverse and extensive audience.

COVID-19 response

Evolving to online education

In response to the pandemic, ESAMTAC engaged ProtoGen to transition the train-the-trainer course to an online experience. ProtoGen rose to the occasion, updating the curriculum and learning objectives to suit the digital landscape. By scripting, recording, and editing videos corresponding to the course modules and labs we created a dynamic and engaging online learning experience for electrical instructors. A 100-question certification test was created for students who took the class with these instructors.

To facilitate this new approach, ProtoGen spearheaded the development of a website and implemented a comprehensive learning management system. The launch of marked a significant milestone, enabling electrical trainers and workers all across the country to access high-quality training and certification.

ESAMTAC’s continued success

A testament to the power of collaboration and innovation

ProtoGen’s continued administration of the ESAMTAC website ensures that the program remains accessible and up-to-date, allowing workers to enhance their skills and knowledge even during uncertain times. The ESAMTAC program stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation in shaping a brighter and safer future for energy storage and microgrid systems across the nation.

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