Our client is a property development and management company that owns several solar PV systems for which ProtoGen provides operations & maintenance and technical services. This PV system, situated atop the Crystal Springs building, was installed in 2010. During routine O&M activities it became evident that the negative homerun conductor was beginning to degrade and would eventually need to be replaced.



After consulting with the customer and explaining that it had degraded to the point that it was a safety hazard, we conducted a site visit to audit the site and found there was a manufacturing defect. We developed design options for removal and replacement of the conductor, built and put to bid a scope of work for completion, recommended the appropriate subcontractor from among respondents, scheduled the work with the subcontractor, customer and its tenant, oversaw implementation of the solution, and conducted I-V curve tracing to verify that the system was operating in a safe and electrically sound manner.



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