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ProtoGen unveils comprehensive microgrid development guidebook

Groundbreaking work empowers electrical contractors to develop and implement microgrid projects

Quakertown, PA, January 10, 2022 — ProtoGen is thrilled to introduce “The Electrical Contractor’s Practical Guide to Microgrid Development,” a groundbreaking resource designed to empower electrical contractors in shaping the future of energy. Made possible through ELECTRI International’s 2021 research funding cycle, the 87-page guidebook provides a compass through the evolving landscape of microgrid projects. The work is designed to help electrical contractors navigate the project development lifecycle from project identification through opera

tions and maintenance, and to dive deeper where needed on complex topics such as business drivers, technologies, and applications.

The guidebook is structured in three parts.

  • Part I is a step-by-step guide to the microgrid project development lifecycle including project identification, feasibility, planning, implementation, and O&M. Each phase is built out with checklists, task descriptions, and a description of the requisite capabilities.
  • Part II is microgrid primer that serves as a reference work. Microgrid features, types, variations, markets, and business drivers are defined, while a technical framework describes key technologies such as load management, power generation, energy storage, control systems, communications, cybersecurity and supporting infrastructure.
  • Part III is an appendix of curated additional resources hosted in the cloud. This includes forms, references, case studies, and other materials around microgrid project development, technologies, markets, regulations, standards, and more.

The North American market for distributed energy resources associated with microgrids is poised for remarkable growth, with a projected Compound Annual Growth Rate of 15% according to market intelligence and advisory firm Guidehouse Insights. By 2029, this market is estimated to reach an annual value of over $8 billion. Growth is attributed to factors including threats to electrical infrastructure, surging demand for renewable energy and increased resilience, and electrification of transportation and buildings. Solar and energy storage are expected to emerge as prominent leaders among microgrid technologies.

ProtoGen firmly believes that microgrids and the broader landscape of electrification represent a vast realm of opportunities for electrical contractors. This sector’s existing relationships, deep understanding of electrical principles, and commitment to quality and safety uniquely position them to take advantage in this burgeoning market through project development and implementation.

“The Guidebook was created through a meticulous process of data collection, site visits, academic and industry white paper reviews, and expert input,” says Lou Tenney, Vice President of ProtoGen and the guidebook’s lead author. “We’re proud to contribute to the dissemination of knowledge and expertise in the field of microgrid development. Ensuring that electrical contractors are well-prepared to navigate this dynamic landscape is a key focus of ProtoGen’s mission.”

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