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Energy Transition Planning Flashcards

In our last blog post, we laid out the need for tools and resources that can help energy transition advocates to increase their knowledge and ability to engage constructively with industry stakeholders. Today we’re going to focus on Energy Transition Planning Flashcards.

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Energy Transition Planning: “Real Talk” Flash Card deck

For some folks, flashcards stir up childhood memories they’d rather forget, while others will remember them as the thing that made all the difference. Whatever your position, it’s challenging to learn lots of new information about a given subject. Combining simple repetition with active is a powerful way to manage the “firehose.” This is exactly what flashcards do, and we hope these Energy Transition Planning Flashcards will prepare non-industry stakeholders for the bargaining that lies ahead.

The energy industry is more than a set of words; it requires context, and for one to form a position with respect to each concept or idea. To ensure this visual glossary was an effective tool in enabling that, we provided concise information on 104 terms and organized the by economic (green), regulatory (blue), and technical (gray) topics related to energy transition planning. Each card provides

  • definition that has been carefully sourced and reviewed for contextual use,
  • “pros” and “cons” sections that identify typical tradeoffs, and
  • “Real Talk” section places the topic within the context of a renewable energy transition.

Taken together, the content of each card is meant to help users start to think strategically about the energy transition. They will begin to see that concepts presented in the cards can be grouped to create the basis of a community plan.

We envisioned enabling users to expand their vocabulary and allow for more meaningful exchanges with industry members, policymakers, residents and business owners, and other stakeholders. A great use for the cards would be at a meeting or in a classroom – for example, group leaders could begin sessions by selecting a card or cards, introducing the term, giving the definition, and kicking off a conversation.

Other great uses might include:

  • General literacy (i.e. review the cards alone or with a partner)
  • Kicking off a regular meeting with a “term of the month”
  • Organizing 10 to 15-minute talks based on one or more terms
  • Planning speaker topics for events
  • Using a card or cards to further develop the pros and cons of a given topic of particular interest
  • Developing a quiz

The climate is changing and so is the business of energy. With previously entrenched aspects now up for grabs, ProtoGen is actively planning, developing and transitioning the energy workforce, businesses, universities, municipalities and government operations. If these free resources bring you any value, then I encourage you to get in touch with us and learn how we can add value to your project!