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When I started as an electrician in 1996, the blue collar world knew there was going to be a shortage of skilled workers. We would joke about it, saying “one day we will make more than doctors or lawyers.” That day is here.

Globalization driven by technology and a huge population requires a strong ramping up of a talented skilled workforce. One of ProtoGen’s three core services is Workforce Development. We approach the problem by considering the past, present and future needs of the markets. See how we build teams, from labor to academia.

A scarcity of trained technicians capable of installing electricity and gas smart meters is the latest setback in the rush to roll out 53 million of the devices in Britain by 2020, but concerns have also been raised about security of the power supply. The massive infrastructure endeavour, one of the biggest in the UK currently, has already been hit by a string of setbacks that could lead to costs swelling, causing acute embarrassment for the government., “Smart meters: what would it take to stop the national rollout juggernaut?”