How Can Solar Plus Storage Go Mainstream?

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The news of battery storage options marks exciting times for energy nerds like me. Groups like Tesla and Mercedes tend to bring a new audience to the industry. Sleek designs and flashy advertising get people excited and I welcome that, but with a word of caution. Energy technology needs to function but also have a business case behind it. All too often a few will buy the latest and greatest battery or solar panel but what about everyone else?

New technologies need market revenues supported by strong regulatory leadership to maintain growth. ProtoGen sees this challenge as an opportunity. Leadership is in our DNA and like new exciting batteries, we have new exciting market approaches. By coupling markets, technology and workforce, ProtoGen clears the noise and ensures investments are protected. Reach out to learn more.

Mercedes-Benz is taking a direct shot at Tesla’s solar push and growing battery business. The luxury carmaker is exclusively partnering with Vivint Solar to sell a smart solar ecosystem to California residents, taking a direct shot at Tesla’s new solar roof roll-out on its home turf. As part of the partnership, Mercedes will introduce its at-home battery to the US market for the very first time while Vivint provides the solar panel installation.

Business Insider, “Mercedes just made a huge play that could threaten Tesla’s home-battery business”