America’s Misplaced Optimism

Often when we discuss the US transition to renewable energy we think the finish line is in sight. It’s not. The problem is scale. Thinking about things in terms of millions is a real challenge. If our transition is to be successful, we must increase communication between consumers, providers and regulators. The question ProtoGen seeks to…
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The World Needs More Blue Collars

When I started as an electrician in 1996, the blue collar world knew there was going to be a shortage of skilled workers. We would joke about it, saying "one day we will make more than doctors or lawyers." That day is here. Globalization driven by technology and a huge population requires a strong ramping…
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Coal and Cold Turkey

The debate over coal vs. renewables has become very public. It highlights the tough decisions our country is trying to make. Clearly both play a significant role and dropping either cold turkey isn't an option. A plan to settle the debate must start by considering the consumers (where value is derived) and then prioritizing across the…
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